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Why kickboxing is your best 10k training plan

A lot of women love running. Who can blame them? It’s a brilliant chance to get outside and enjoy our beautiful weather, bond with mother nature and get in better shape!  You can do it solo or with a group.  You don’t need to travel anywhere – just lace ‘em up and go! Runners high is an incredible dose of feel good endorphins.  Awesome races like Color Me Rad (get paint bombed), The Pie Run (yup, run and eat pie) and The Zombie Race (run like Zombies are chasing you!) present a challenge and an opportunity to be competitive.

(A lot of people hate running too.  And you can’t blame them either.  Some feel it’s monotonous and gives you blisters.  That’s fair.  No one said you have to love every type physical activity out there.  I myself am not exactly partial to aqua fit or Zumba, thank you very much.)

So, yeah, running can be great!  But…

Runners, especially female runners, are at a high risk for injury.  Running creates imbalances in the body because it’s a high impact, repetitive movement in one plane of motion. Step after step our joints absorb a force several times our body weight.    That means running injuries are incredibly common. Continue reading

Forget working out at home, train with friends in the best gyms

It’s super trendy these days to train at home.  Understandably.

It’s convenient and cheap.  It’s less intimidating.  It’s free of criticism or judgement from others.  Nobody is watching.

And that is exactly what is wrong with it!

Many home exercisers spin their wheels for years wondering why they can’t get the results they want.

If you want to progress in your fitness and weight loss quest, you need feedback, support, supervision, accountability and examples of others to model your behavior after.  Pretty hard to get that in the basement by yourself.

If you’ve ever said “I’ll lose 10 lbs, then I’ll join the gym,” read on, toss that silly notion out of your brain and get yourself to the nearest Hit.  STAT!

Why are you scared of gyms?

Human beings have a natural inclination to compare ourselves to others.

At first, we see other ‘fit people’ and we feel intimidated.  That’s normal.  Even the greatest of athletes has felt inadequate when someone better than them performs.  You’re completely normal if you’ve ever felt awkward, uncomfortable or clueless in a gym setting.  You just can’t let that feeling limit you and prevent you from achieving your goals.

What you need is a place where you can be challenged, held accountable and meet other people you can relate to.

This is how it works at the Hit.  As you get to know people over time, you’ll find that most of them are just like you, have something in common with you or have been where you are RIGHT NOW.

Everyone starts somewhere, and most women didn’t start at the gym fit, they had to become fit.  Once you identify with them, you will eventually compare their experiences with your own.

So instead of feeling intimidated by their fitness, you realize that it is a demonstration of what is possible for YOU.  It feeds your intrinsic motivation.  And intrinsically motivated folks are destined to succeed.

Community and building relationships are a really important component to fitness success.  While it’s possible to lose weight and get fit on your own, it’ll be a whole lot easier if you get involved in a community like the Hit. The best gyms are ones where you build friendships in a safe positive social environment that help support you.  That brings about rapid change.

So, buck up, get out of the basement and head out to the Hit!

How To Get In Shape, Choose To Be Capable


how to get in shape

Humans are capable of a lot.  We’re tough.  We’ve withstood natural disasters, wars, diseases and plagues, and when we have to, we can handle just about anything that gets thrown our way.
 At the end of the day, we’re relentless buggers.  When we decide we want to do something, when we put our minds to a task, when we refuse to settle for the way things have been and seek change, we’re truly remarkable in what we create and accomplish.

We’re often the most capable when we’re forced to be.  We can do amazing things when we don’t have a choice, when there are no options.  We can endure severe hardship with resilience and determination.

Unfortunately, when we do have a choice between something hard and something easy, we often take the easy route.  But the path of least resistance is rarely the best one if you’re hell bent on becoming the best possible version of yourself.

Avoiding discomfort and quitting when things get hard won’t give you the life you want.  Remember, there are no shortcuts to any place worth going. 

What if we could somehow tap into that resilience, determination and perseverance that shows up when it has to, when it’s life or death, live or die, and use it every day, even when times aren’t tough?  Don’t you think we’d be so much closer to being the person we want to be?

Consider this on how to get in shape.  It’s time to Hit but it’s been a long, stressful day at work.  You’re tired.  The kids are cranky, the house is messy and the dog chewed your new shoes.  You have two choices in this case: lament the day, flop on the couch and tell yourself you’ll exercise tomorrow OR shake off that tiredness, grab your shoes, your bag, your positive attitude and head for the nearest Hit, knowing that it may be hard but you’re doing the best you can for yourself.

Which choice do you make?  You might just shrug your shoulders and say, ‘I’m too exhausted.”  And that is that.  Could you have gone?  Probably.  Imagine if someone held a gun to your head and threatened to put the trigger if you didn’t go to the gym.  Would you still be ‘too tired’ and take the bullet?  Of course not.

You’d say, “Yessir!” and then go have a great workout and feel amazing, bubbling with energy (and relief that you weren’t shot.)

See, you’re capable of doing it, you just told yourself you’re not.  When you had to be capable, you easily rose to the occasion and got ‘er done.

Next time you’re on the fence about doing something you know you should do, ask yourself if you could do it if you had to.  If you’re honest, it’ll be pretty hard to deny the answer.  Test your limits.  Go harness that crazy human power we all have.