Congratulations to “Leanne Owens” our February, Owner of the Month!!!


Leanne joined our Hit team in 2012 and has made a strong impact to the “Hitters” of Westshore & Royal Oak locations. Here are a few words from Leanne…..
“I opened my first Hit in July of 2012, my second in August of 2013
There’s no way I could pick just one thing for being my favorite reason of being a hit owner!! I love everything about the Hit!!! The members, my trainers, the fact that every day I get to see amazing women gaining strength and confidence by smashing those bags! I have the opportunity to see women transform their bodies and minds, de-stressing, and kicking serious butt every day! I have literally witnessed some members going from shy and self-conscious, having never worked out before, to confident, strong and outgoing!

I also have a 2 year old daughter and I get to take her with me to the Hit without having to put her in daycare full time. She has been coming to my gyms with me almost every day since she was about 3 weeks old!
I wanted to become a HIT owner because I had the desire to be my own boss. I also have a background in fitness and I just love the concept of the 30 Minute Hit, it’s so empowering!!
I know taking that first step can be scary but you will have a huge support system from the franchise and the other amazing owners! The systems and on-going training that you receive when you own a Hit are invaluable! It’s turn key and sooooo much fun!

My famous quote when I’m working out at the Hit is ‘I’m Dying!!’ (don’t worry I feel AMAZING once I’ve finished!)

Some fun facts about Leanne:

What color of gloves do you wear?
Black. Goes with everything 😉

How often do you complete the circuit?
3-5 times per week…. and every workout is still just as challenging as the first time I did the circuit!

What’s your favorite motivational or workout quote?

When I’m training on the floor I love saying ‘SHOW ME WHAT YOU’VE GOT!!!’ for the last 15 seconds of a round.”

How The 30 Minute Hit Helped Me Stick To My New Year Resolutions.

kickboxingSo here we are again…another new year begins, and with it comes all of those wonderful promises we make to ourselves. We resolve that this year I will eat better. This year, I will exercise more. This year, I will take charge of my health. I will admit that I was once very good at making excuses to slack off, cheat or to just plain give up on my resolutions. Then one January, I discovered 30 Minute Hit, and now my resolve has never been stronger.

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