Hit Tip Breathing

Hi, everybody I’m Terri, 30 Minute Hit ambassador. I am here to offer you some tips, some advice, suggestions, ways for you to get the most out of your 30 Minute Hit workout.

Today, I just want to touch on the importance of breathing properly. It is not uncommon for us as trainers to see our girls on the floor holding their breath. They are not doing it intentionally, perhaps they are focusing really intensely, maybe they are pushing themselves really hard, but they essentially forget to breath. Obviously, this is going to lead an ineffective workout.

So the first thing to remember and to focus on, is to make sure you are inhaling and exhaling properly fueling your body with the oxygen that it needs. Now once you have mastered this, it is a great opportunity to move on to a specific breathing technique used for striking. This involves forcefully exhaling from the diaphragm, engaging all the core muscles, and having an audible exhale. It looks and sounds like this.

Now as I initiate my strike, I am doing that forceful exhale, it is causing my core to engage. It is allowing me to throw with power, with explosiveness, in a way that feels good.

For double times, you want to keep up with the exhaling. Just be aware that you may find you run out of air, in that you are throwing so many strikes in such fast succession. So minimize the exhale slightly and insure you are inhaling naturally.

Now, go grab your gear, get to the nearest Hit and have a fantastic workout.

Happy New Year! Start 2017 by putting your health first!

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