Keep Eating Cheeseburgers

One of the most common questions we get from new members looking to make a wholesale change in their lifestyle, is “what should I eat?” This simple answer is, what ever you want when you first start working out. Yes you read right, don’t worry about it. If you can’t (and don’t resist) a greasy burger piled high with fried stuff and extra goo dripping down the sides on a regular basis, just keep on going! Blasphemy say the diet gurus…calories in vs. calories out…blah blah blah!

Now while I won’t disagree that a healthy diet in the long run will be a critical part of anyone’s success in their fitness goals, and there are great resources and programs for eating well with ultimate goal of being healthy, changing your routine dramatically all at once is often too much for many people. And their new lease on life is short lived. Start with the exercise portion of the new you, but don’t consciously deprive yourself of the food you love right away. Instead, let your unconscious brain do the work slowly. One catch though, no slacking in the gym. Every punch, kick and crunch has to be 100% every workout…and never miss your workout. But remember keep eating…as much as you “want”. Before you know it you’ll find that your “wants” change to match what you need to do to meet your goals. And the odd cheeseburger once in while won’t kill you.