The Power of Just Half an Hour!

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Sports Science has come a long way in the past few years. And the results are easy to see. Athletes are performing at levels never thought possible. Now it would be easy to note a number of recent studies that show 30 minutes of vigorous exercise as optimal, based on scientific study of how the human body reacts to exercise. But I will save you the dry reading and sum it up that current fitness wisdom maintains that after more than 30 minutes of vigorous(and vigorous is the key) exercise, you are just spinning your wheels. In other words, HIT it hard for a full 30 minutes…and you are done. Go home. More is not better.

Now I mention this because we pretty regularly get members who wonder if a half hour will be enough to kick their butts, or others who still feel the overwhelming need to spend a long time in the gym based on outdated training principals, and think that two times around the circuit half ass may be better than givin’ it for 30 minutes. In plain English, if the 30 Minute Hit does not totally kick your butt in 30 minutes, you are either not pushing your self hard enough, or you should consider signing up to run a marathon in the Sahara Desert. I’m not kidding, in all my years at the HIT, I have only seen a handful of women who could legitimately HIT it hard for more than 30 minutes as they pushed themselves at 100%, and one of them was training to run a marathon in the Sahara! And she finished the race at the head of the pack!

So take a modern approach to fitness based on current sports science combining resistance training, cardio, and core stability, throw in the convenience of a efficient workout, and the mental advantage of only having to push yourself for 30 minutes, and the 30 Minute HIT makes a lots of sense. Not to mention it will be the best 30 minutes of your day!