30 Minute Hit Calgary NW Kickboxing Now Open

Calgary NW owners

At 30 Minute Hit, we’re excited to reveal that our newest location—Calgary NW—has officially opened! Designed to help busy women maximize their fitness results, 30 Minute Hit is a women-only, kickboxing-inspired circuit workout. It was carefully created to help women just like you build their strength, work their core, and grow their confidence—all while burning some serious calories along the way. And the best part? Every workout takes just 30 minutes to tackle!

30 Minute Hit Calgary NW is located in the Sage Hill neighbourhood of Calgary, Alberta. Residents of Sage Hill and Calgary more generally know that there are plenty of ways to stay active in the city throughout the year. For example, you can take a dip at Silver Springs Outdoor Pool, jog through a local park, tee off at Confederation Park Golf Course, or lace up your skates at Murray Copot Arena.

There’s no lack of variety when you’re looking for a way to keep moving in Calgary or any of its gorgeous surrounding regions. However, life doesn’t always give you hours to spend on going for a bike ride, playing a game of golf, or skating around a rink. That’s why we opened 30 Minute Hit Calgary NW. Our workouts fit right into your jam-packed calendar because they last just 30 minutes and have no fixed start times. We also have a dedicated kids’ play area right on site so that you can get your workout in without having to worry about childcare.

Wondering how women achieve such incredible results at 30 Minute Hit if our workouts last just half an hour? We’ve designed every circuit to be not just effective but also efficient. We’ve done this by combining the most effective exercises from kickboxing, boxing, general self-defense, and core stability training. As you work through the stations in our circuits, you’ll use punching bags, Swiss balls, and medicine balls to work your body from head to toe. And because you’ll always have a knowledgeable trainer on the floor with you to demonstrate proper technique, you’ll be able to make the most of every move.

The 30 Minute Hit community wants to help you attain the best health and fitness results possible—but not at the expense of your health and safety. That’s why we’ve implemented several measures to keep you safe at 30 Minute Hit during COVID-19. For example, we’ve enabled remote check-ins for workouts, added member and staff health checks upon entry, reduced capacity to ensure ample physical distancing, and introduced enhanced cleaning procedures during and between blocks of operating hours. We also ask members to keep their boxing gloves on throughout the circuit to reduce direct contact with equipment.

Jane and Klinton Vedar are the owners of 30 Minute Hit Calgary NW. They’re passionate about helping women get moving and have fun with 30 Minute Hit’s intense but rewarding workouts. Committed to creating a judgment-free space, Jane and Klinton strive to empower members to become their best and healthiest selves.

Don’t know a thing about using punching bags or boxing gloves? Don’t sweat it! Jane and Klinton love helping women of all ages, shapes, and fitness levels find success with 30 Minute Hit.

For more information, visit the 30 Minute Hit Calgary NW location page