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30 Minute Hit Annapolis Valley Kickboxing Now Open

Owner of 30 Minute Hit Annapolis Valley

At 30 Minute Hit, we’re thrilled to announce that our new Annapolis Valley location is now open! Designed to maximize efficiency and results for women, our unique kickboxing-inspired circuit is a heart-pumping, calorie-burning workout you can conquer in just 30 minutes. It’s the perfect way to build your strength, improve your health, and grow your confidence in a supportive, women-only environment.

30 Minute Hit Annapolis Valley is located in Coldbrook, Nova Scotia. If you’re a resident of Annapolis Valley, you know you have lots of options when it comes to staying active in the community. For example, you can go for a walk at Wolfille Reservoir Park, hike a trail at Blomidon, or cool off by going for a swim in Aylesford Lake. And when it’s time to swap sunglasses for ski goggles, you can lace up your skates at a local arena or hit the slopes at Martock.

With its extensive greenspace, Annapolis makes it easy to stay active locally. However, when you have work, family, and social responsibilities, it can be hard to find time to go for a hike or ski. And that’s where 30 Minute Hit Annapolis Valley comes in. By carving out just 30 minutes in your schedule at a time, you can successfully punch and kick your way to better health while having a blast along the way.

A winning combination of exercises from kickboxing, boxing, self-defense, and core stability training, our circuit was strategically made to help you conquer your fitness goals. You’ll become physically and mentally stronger as you use punching bags, Swiss balls, and medicine balls to power through a series of two-minute interval stations. And to make sure you get the most out of every exercise you tackle, they’ll always be a supportive trainer nearby to demonstrate proper technique and motivate you.

Sasha Baxter is the owner of 30 Minute Hit Annapolis Valley. She’s passionate about creating a non-intimidating environment where women can improve their endurance, master their form, and become their best selves. Dedicated to inspiring and empowering women to lead healthy lives, she loves introducing women to the Hit’s energizing circuit and showing them just how good a fun, effective workout can make them feel.

Haven’t been within a few feet of a punching bag before? No problem! Sasha loves helping women of all ages and fitness levels succeed with 30 Minute Hit.

For more information, visit the 30 Minute Hit Annapolis Valley location page.