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30 Minute Hit El Paso Kickboxing Is Now Open

At 30 Minute Hit, we’re thrilled to share that we’ve opened a brand new location in El Paso, Texas! Committed to making workouts fun and motivating, 30 Minute Hit strives to empower women to boost their strength, improve their health, and build their confidence. We do this with an innovative circuit-style workout that’s inspired by kickboxing and designed to give you maximum results in just 30 minutes at a time. It’s the perfect way to tone up and get in shape while perfecting your punch and burning some serious calories.

30 Minute Hit El Paso is located in west Texas along the Rio Grande. Residents of this culturally diverse city have access to a variety of recreational facilities that help them kick back and relax, develop new skills, and lead a healthier lifestyle. For example, they can swim laps or simply take a dip at one of the 10 indoor pools or three outdoor pools in El Paso. They can also take advantage of the region’s stunning natural beauty by jogging or cycling through one of the city’s 220+ parks. And for those looking for more formal sports activities, local adult soccer and inline hockey leagues provide opportunities to stay active while getting to know other residents.

El Paso is a beautiful place to live. But we know that life in this Texas city can get very busy. This is what makes 30 Minute Hit the perfect fit for the El Paso community. By combining the most effective exercises from kickboxing, boxing, general self-defense, and core stability training, we’ve created a workout that’s easy to fit into your busy schedule so that you can get the results you want even if you have just half an hour to spare in a day. In this highly efficient, full-body circuit, you’ll blast through 13 two-minute stations as you use medicine balls, Swiss balls, and punching bags to boost your stamina and love your body again. There’s even a dedicated kids’ area so that you can squeeze in a workout without having to worry about childcare.

Delfino Candia and NormaJean Ruiz-Candia are the owners of 30 Minute Hit El Paso. They’re excited to bring this unique, women’s-only kickboxing workout to El Paso and show women in the community just how effective and addictive it can be. By creating a positive, non-intimidating environment on the floor, they inspire and encourage women to be the best they can be as they punch and kick their way through the 30 Minute Hit circuit.

Don’t have any experience with boxing or kickboxing? No problem! Delfino, NormaJean, and their staff love helping women of all ages, sizes, and fitness levels experience success with 30 Minute Hit.

For more information, visit the 30 Minute Hit El Paso location page.