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30 Minute Hit St John’s Kickboxing Now Open

30 Minute Hit St John's owner

At 30 Minute Hit, we’re thrilled to announce that our new location in St. John’s, Newfoundland, is now open. 30 Minute Hit is the kickboxing-inspired workout that’s designed especially for women. Our heart-pumping, total-body fitness circuits feature female-friendly music, equipment, and instructional techniques to help you achieve the best results possible from every punch, kick, and jab. Get ready to build your strength, boost your stamina, improve your health, and burn some serious calories—all in a welcoming environment that feels like home.

30 Minute Hit St John’s is located in the capital city of Newfoundland and Labrador. If you live in St. John’s, you might be familiar with the many ways that you can stay active right around town. For instance, you can go for a swim at Bowring Park Swimming Pool, play tennis at Green Belt Tennis Club, jog through a local park, or lace up your skates at The Loop.

There are lots of options for getting in some exercise in this vibrant maritime city. But life in Newfoundland can be incredibly busy. The good news? That’s exactly where 30 Minute Hit St. John’s fits in. Because our circuit workouts take just 30 minutes to conquer, they fit right into your hectic schedule. So say goodbye to hour-long sessions on the elliptical and hello to a fun, dynamic workout that’ll fire up your body from head to toe.

How do 30 Minute Hit workouts produce such incredible workouts for women if they’re only half an hour long? Because we’ve designed them to be efficient and effective. We’ve done this by creating circuits that combine the best exercises from kickboxing, boxing, self-defense, and core stability training. Using punching bags, medicine balls, and Swiss balls, you’ll power through a series of two-minute stations that’ll challenge you to give each move your all. The result? You’ll wrap up each circuit feeling strong, empowered, and inspired.

We care just as much about your health and safety as we do about your fitness results. That’s why we’ve implemented several measures to keep you safe at 30 Minute Hit during COVID-19. Specifically, we’ve enabled remote check-ins for workouts, added member and staff health checks upon entry, reduced capacity to ensure ample physical distancing, and introduced enhanced cleaning procedures during and between blocks of operating hours. We’re also asking members to keep their boxing gloves on throughout the circuit to reduce direct contact with equipment.

Natalie Hutchings is the owner of 30 Minute Hit St John’s. Natalie loves showing women in St John’s what a difference it makes to tackle workouts that are fun, flexible, and designed to help women maximize their health and fitness results. She’s committed to creating a positive environment where all members feel comfortable challenging themselves to be their happiest and healthiest selves.

Haven’t used a punching bag before? Don’t sweat it! Natalie enjoys helping women of all ages, sizes, and fitness levels achieve their goals with 30 Minute Hit.

For more information, visit the 30 Minute Hit St John’s location page.