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Sabreena Evans


Leduc, Alberta
T9E 6Z6


Leduc Kickboxing
We are excited to announce we are moving our HIT to a new location! Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. - Bree


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 - 30 Minute Hit Review
Over the years, I have noticed a real difference physically and mentally, it's a awesome stress release to kick and punch my stress away.
- Melissa
Melissa - 30 Minute Hit Review
I love that it’s only 30 minutes and yet I leave feeling like I’ve had the best work out. I’ve just recently finished March madness at the gym and I made it in all 26 days! I wanted to prove to…
- Tania
Tania - 30 Minute Hit Review
As a lover of extreme sports, outdoors and nature, I don't think I've ever had a gym membership (and I am well into 40's) until Squamish Hit.
- Auli