Love this! As a 50+ y/o woman, I didn't think this would be for me. But the staff here take you through each stage and show you what works best for your needs - including any adjustments because of medical issues. They also have trainers on the floor during all hours to assist and encourage you throughout your workout! This training has been great. As someone who hunches over a computer 8 hours a day, it has helped strengthen my shoulders, my posture, and my core. I LOVE it!!!
S & G Williams

About the Circuit

30 Minute Hit

Ready to HIT? We know you are… so what are you waiting for? Our 13 bag smacking, skill building, core strengthening stations that fly by in just 30 minutes, will get your heart pumping, clear your mind and transform your body faster than you could ever imagine!

Designed just for women, each 2-minute round based on boxing, kickboxing, general self defense, and core stability training, will challenge you each and every time to improve your fitness and reward you with amazing results.

No matter who you are the 30 Minute Hit can deliver what you need. Countless training options to keep things fresh and fun, amazing trainers, a communHITy of empowered women and a safe inspiring environment all combine to make our program the best 30 minutes of your day!

You’ve got nothing to lose except pounds, inches and stress so be sure to book your absolutely FREE Trial today!