I joined this gym back a few weeks ago at the start of January and I am so glad I did! The trainers are so motivating for the 30 minutes you are in there, playing energetic music that’s fun to work out to! The awesome part of the membership too is that you have at home lessons for when you can’t make it in that are just as intense and give you a great workout at home. Highly recommend checking this place out and getting fit!
Sirisha Karra
30 Minute Hit

Covid-19 Mitigation Measures

The simple measures below have been developed for all 30 Minute Hit locations to help ensure the risk of Covid-19 is minimised wherever possible. If you have any questions or concerns regarding these measures please feel free to contact us.

Physical Distancing

Members and staff must maintain a 2-metre or 6-foot distance from others in the facility at all times and members must promptly exit the facility following their workout.

Remote Mobile Check-in

To help ensure physical distancing directives are being met, members are required to use a remote mobile check-in APP to check-in before they enter the facility which will limit capacity and allow adequate spacing between members maintaining an empty station between each active station.

Enhanced Cleaning Protocols

During operating hours every empty station should be wiped down after each use with anti-viral disinfectant, regular touch point cleaning should be performed every 60 minutes and a thorough disinfecting deep clean should be completed after each block of open hours.

Hand Washing, Sanitization and Covering

Hand sanitizer will be provided at various points throughout the facility, appropriate hand washing supplies will be provided in washrooms and members will be required to keep boxing gloves on during their workout to reduce direct contact with equipment. Non-latex gloves will be provided for staff and “free trial” members using demo gloves. Free trial demo gloves must be sanitized after every use and staff will be required to sanitize hands regularly.

Cloth Masks

Cloth masks will be recommended and may be required for all members and all staff while inside the facility. Appropriate masks will be provided to staff and will be available for purchase by members.

Covid-19 Polices Agreement

All members must agree to 30 Minute Hit Covid-19 Policies as clearly posted in the facility upon their first check-in at any 30 Minute Hit location. Agreement to 30 Minute Hit Covid-19 Policies will be collected digitally.

Notices and Signage within Facilities

A “Keeping our CommunHITy safe” notice will be posted on the front door of all locations outlining measures in place to help reduce the risk of Covid-19 within the facility.

Reminder Notices on physical distancing and proper handwashing will be posted, along with floor markers to help manage foot traffic and designated areas as required.

Staff Pre-shift Staff Safety Check

All Staff must complete a “safety check” questionnaire before each shift via the staff pre-shift log-in system.

Members pre-workout safety check

All members must complete a “safety check” questionnaire before each workout via the remote mobile check-in APP. This “safety check” notice will also be posted on the front door of the facility.

Agreements and Transactions

Member agreements and payment transactions should be completed remotely whenever possible (Sales Tablet with second monitor, POS “tap” payments and digital waivers).

Storage Personal of Items in Facilities

Members should limit personal items to one bag which should be kept separate from other members’ personal items. Members will be required to wipe down storage shelves after each use with provided disinfectant wipes.

Kid’s Area

“Kid’s Area” sections will be closed and children may not wait in the facility while a member completes their workout.

Water Fountains

All water fountains will be closed for use and turned off.

Local Health Authority Requirements

In addition to the measures above all 30 Minute Hit locations must comply with all local health authority Covid-19 requirements.

Protocols for confirmed Covid-19 cases with 30 Minute Hit Staff or Members.

Any confirmed Covid-19 cases in staff or members should be reported to local heath authorities and the franchisor immediately. If required, operations should temporarily cease until deemed safe to reopen.

The COVID-19 virus is highly contagious and can cause illness and death. Those in certain higher risk groups are especially vulnerable. While we have taken precautions intended to reduce the spread of COVID-19, we cannot promise, predict, represent, warrant our guaranty those precautions are or will be effective, or that you will not contract COVID 19 from any of our staff, other patrons or the gym environment. Your patronage of our gym may cause you to contract COVID-19 or pass it along to others. You are entering and using our establishments AT YOUR OWN RISK and you accept all responsibility and hold us harmless for your doing so.