Get Empowered!

Ready to discover a whole new you? The 30 Minute Hit was specifically designed to help you discover new physical and mental strengths you never thought possible! Become sharper, stronger, balanced and more confident!

HIT's Better Together

CommunHITy is everything! Find your tribe at the 30 Minute Hit and let like minded women support you in your journey to reaching your goals in health and wellness. Laugh, learn, connect and sweat together with your HIT Sisters!

Feel welcome and included, judgement free!

From day one, the 30 Minute Hit has been designed as an exciting and accessible workout for women of all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities. Just put on your gloves and let our qualified trainers take care of the rest as they help you get the absolute best out of each and every workout!

A clean, safe, inspiring and friendly place to call your own.

Designed just for women, the 30 Minute hit offers a fresh, bright and vibrant place where you can leave the stresses of your day behind while training like a champ! With specifically designed equipment, guided instruction, inspiring soundtracks and all the female friendly touches you would expect, you will never dread working out again!

Quality Counts

Real results takes real training! So don’t be fooled by our female friendly atmosphere and smiling faces. Our focus on delivering quality instruction is second to none and our combination of amazing trainers and positive empowering environment makes all the difference!

Happy HIT Members

  • 30 Minute Hit

    “I love that I am surrounded by such amazing women every time I go to HIT, who all bring different stories to what brought them here. I feel such a strong sense of sisterhood when I enter through the doors, like there’s this unspoken understanding that ...”


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