30 Minute Hit Vancouver – Kerrisdale Kickboxing Circuit

30 Minute Hit Kerrisdale
3516 West 41st Ave
Vancouver, British Columbia
V6N 3E6


Shannon Hann
30 Minute Hit Vancouver – Kerrisdale Kickboxing Circuit
Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings
8:30am - 12:30pm

Monday - Thursday evenings
3:30 - 7:30pm

8:00am - noon

"Life is busy". Let me show you how 30 minutes can help you lose weight, relieve stress, and make you a stronger woman physically and mentally. Do something for yourself and make health a priority. Come and see how Kerrisdale is KICKING!"... Shannon.

Free 2 hour parking on 41st Street & Collingwood Street.


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30-Minute Hit has made a new woman out of me!
Because of Tak and Mikey, I have found strength and confidence that I didn't know I had. They have encouraged me and...
Lynne ( Kerrisdale )
The circuit is always the same but the different people and the different challenges keep it interesting. So that is the addicting part. It doesn't get boring, so you keep coming back!
Kickboxing is great!! Who knew that left hooks could be "beautiful", or doing extra leg raises was "just for fun". Y...
Nikki ( Kerrisdale )