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Sara Parrott


Lubbock, Texas


Opening Soon!
Lubbock Kickboxing
Please complete form on right to be notified of our Grand Opening... we look forward to meeting you soon.


of our Grand Opening Here!
 - 30 Minute Hit Review
I love the hit because: IT IS ONLY 30 MINUTES ( who doesn't have 30 minutes) I can release any stress I have, I am getting in shape faster than ever before, the atmosphere is great, and the girls are…
- Chantelle
Chantelle - 30 Minute Hit Review
the people are wonderful and the work out is incredible and I can be in and out in under 1 hour
- Maureen
Maureen - 30 Minute Hit Review
The journey has been not just about killing time and pounds but also challenging ones personal self and becoming confident in who you are.
- Ingrid