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Claudia Gagnon


Sherbrooke, Quebec


Opening Soon!
Sherbrooke Kickboxing
S'il vous plaît remplir le formulaire à droite pour être informé de notre grande ouverture... nous nous réjouissons de vous rencontrer bientôt.

Please complete form on right to be notified of our Grand Opening... we look forward to meeting you soon.


of our Grand Opening Here!
 - 30 Minute Hit Review
Signing up for the Hit has been an amazing adventure; each day it’s a different workout with difficult goals.
- Jenn
Jenn - 30 Minute Hit Review
30 Minute Hit has made me love working out. Every time I walk through the door I can feel the energy...
- Nancy
Nancy - 30 Minute Hit Review
Since then I have found the circuit to be one of the most invigorating, challenging, intense, feel good workouts I’ve ever done!!
- Nicole