I started making the 30MinuteHitVancouver in May 2023, and as we talked I wanted to share my result, because I'm very happy with the change my body is going through. In addition to the exercises I am doing twice or three a week, I am doing a follow-up with a nutritionist with fasting, but before that I had already tried to lose weight and I couldn't, The photos from 2021 January, were when I decided to change my life in terms of weight, but in two years I only managed to accumulate depression
Aline Oliveira
Sep 3, 2023


30 Minute Hit - Vancouver fitness kickboxing - Marina Bender & Teg Sangha

Hi there! Thanks for checking out Vancouver Kickboxing. Come on in for your free trial today and find out why the 30 Minute Hit women's fitness is for you. You have nothing to lose...except pounds, inches and stress!

Marina Bender & Teg Sangha

30 Minute Hit - Vancouver fitness kickboxing

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